Meet the Owner

Meet Heather, the owner of Deja Vu Consignments in Pella, Iowa

Nine years ago, I received a phone call from the original owner of DejaVu Consignments here in Pella, Iowa.  I giggled as I listened to the voicemail asking me to call her back. I was at a point in my life where my current job wasn't going so well and I wanted to do something different.  

[Have you had that feeling?  Completely scared but in the best way possible??]

As I left my job that day, I called her back and just said "you want me to buy DejaVu".  Not a question, but a statement.  Her response?  "How did you know?"

[When you know, you know, right?  And I did.  I had this gut feeling that this business...this store...this community is where I belonged.]

Things moved fast and one month later is when my sister, Kim, and I took over as the new owners of this incredible store, DejaVu.  Since that day in 2014 we have added on to the store twice because it just keeps growing!

Do a quick fast-forward to 2023 and now I am the sole owner of the business and getting ready to make some changes that you are going to love!  

[Seriously, the plans I am making are really going to give you a store that is really just amazing - I started with this website and there's so much more to come!]

From our first day, DejaVu has been a family business.  My daughter, Hailey, used to walk to the store every day after school and my nieces have worked here all through high school and college.  Currently, you'll find me working alongside my oldest sister, Val, and her daughter, Amelia. 

Along with owning the best consignment store in town, I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt and daughter.  I've been married to my husband, Scott, for 17 years and we have our daughter, Staija, who lives in Texas and our daughter, Hailey, who attends high school here in town.

[Not sure how she is already in high school - seems like yesterday she was here at the store running around through the racks.  Can anyone tell me where the time goes?]  

Honestly...I love doing what I do. The customers and consignors have become a part of my family.  The coolest thing is watching a young mom come in with her little babies and before long we've watched those little ones grow up before our eyes to continue the family tradition and become customers and consignors as well.  I truly value and honor the relationships we've created within our community.

When I’m not at the store you can find me crafting, cheering on my daughter at her sporting events or helping my husband with his barbeque business. 

[He makes the absolute BEST barbeque sauce - you can find a bottle or two here at the store, but follow his website and Facebook page to see where you can find him out in his Amos Flava' Barbeque food truck called My's so good!]

I'm at the store most days, so stop in, say hi and grab a cup of coffee from our coffee bar while you look around.  I'd love to meet you!